Give Your Application's Users Unique & Fun Avatar Photos.

Nice Avatar is avatars placeholder for web developers and designers, we give your websites and applications a fun and unique touch.

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About Logo
How Niceavatar is Working


at first you have to register in to be able to add your application/website .

Add Your Project

from your console add your project whatever this project is application/website/forum.

Get A Unique URL

every project you will add have a unique URL you can got it from your console.

Put The URL Into Your Code

put the unique URL in your project's register code or instanly into your project's users table.


now each user of your project's users has a unique avatar image or any user will register will have a unique avatar image.

For more information to how to use please read the documentations


Give this User a Niceavatar touch

instead of a boring gray silhouettes, you can give to this user a fun & unique avatar

About Logo

Nice Avatar is an avatars placeholder for web developers and designers, We generate different & unique avatar image for each user you have in your Website Or any Applications you'r working on it instead of those boring gray silhouettes.

Nice Avatar provide and renders a unique more then 1,000,000 different images , and You can choose between different designed avatars. And best of all: We provide a simple and free HTTP API that you can use right away!


Powerful Features As Always

Fast & Powerful

We can currently generate over 1,000,000 different avatars and it's need less 201 Millisecond for generate one Avatar.

Quick & Easy

installation is easier than ever. Add Nice Avatar to your Website or Application and use it in seconds.

Cloud Storage

less storage due to we will keep images on our server and you don't need care about it.


Nice Avatar is totally free you not need a pay to start using it.

Many Shapes

there are many shapes of avatars not just one, you can choose what shape is your prefer.

More Secure

more secure due to you not need more ruls for upload and take care about images files.


How to use

Our HTTP-API is the easiest way to use Just change the values{application-name}/{identifier}
Replace {application-name} with your application's name after added application in your console. The value of {identifier} can be anything -not duplication- you like username,email,ID


so if we'r assuming you'r creating a regester form now all you will do it put your application API URL -you will found it in your console- in user avatar column like an expamle below
//after form submit
$user['username'] =  $formData['username'];
$user['avatar']   =  ''.$formData['username'];
but if your application/website is already working and you want chanage all users's avatar , it's easy you have to make a script that script does a loop and change all users's avatars like an example below
foreach ($users as $user)
    $user['avatar']   =  ''.$user->username;
all previous codes just for explain the idea


{create} if you want Re-Genereate an user's avatar in every time he view his avatar ! or you want Re-Generate an avatar has been generate you can put /create after {identifier}

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Nice Avatar?

Nice Avatar is an avatars cloud service & placeholder for web developers and designers, We generate different & unique avatar image for each user you have in your Website Or any Applications you work on instead of those boring gray silhouettes.

Why would I use it ?

What if you are developing a website or application and you will have a users but you don't have any avatar images to use! or you don't want use those boring gray silhouettes or maybe you want your application be as unique and more fun for users! Do you want ? So you should try Nice Avatar.

Why Nice Avatar is different ?

Other placeholder services provide purely static random images! but Nice Avatar provide and renders a unique image and store this image on our storage and keep it based on the unique URL for make you require it anytime Nice Avatar also provide a fully and powerful console control to manage your websites and applications's keys

Is Nice Avatar Free ?

All services Nice Avatar provided is free , now you can signup and start use our service without pay anything.

What does your service do?

It works best as a Avatars Cloud & placeholder service. Nice Avatar gives you unique & fun images when you have nothing better than silhouettes, random shapes.

How Nice Avatar is working ?

The simplest way is to create an avatar image you call our api with Yours unique key and we will respons to you with the avatar image URL.